*(Some catering may require 48 hour notice)

Specialty Salad Trays:         

$38.5 per tray (18-24 guests)

All catering salads begin with a special blend of an organic spring mix and crisp hearts of romaine

Spicy Smokehouse:  Open flame grilled peppercorn bacon, fresh Cuban black bean salsa, crisp tortilla strips, and fresh jalapeno.  Served with our very own Cilantro-Ginger-Lime vinaigrette dressing.  Add barbecue chicken breast strips for $7.5

Blackened Chicken Caesar:  Open flame grilled and blackened chicken breast, crispy croutons, a hint of red onion, our very own blend of shaved cheese, and Royal Caesar dressing.

Granny Apple Salad: Granny Smith apples, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, tortilla strips, freshly sliced strawberries, and our very own cilantro-ginger-lime dressing.  Add open flame grilled chicken breast for $7.5



Buffalo Ranch Dip:  Party size dip saved with soft pretzel roll pieces crispy tortilla chips.  (serves 12-18 guests)  $40.5   Add buffalo chicken for $5.5

*Smoked Bacon Wrapped Shrimp:  Smoked tender with goat cheese and wrapped with our very own peppercorn bacon.  Skewered and served atop grilled pineapple.  Big Iron then garnishes with diced strawberry, sweet & spicy Caribbean jerk sauce, and fresh cilantro. (18-30 guests) $118.5

Grilled Chicken Wings:  Grilled to perfection and served with your choice of seasonings and sauces.  Check for seasonal selections.  (10+ pounds)  $9.95 per lb.

*Chips, Salsa, & Guacamole:  Crisp tortilla chips, fire roasted salsa, tomatillo- lime salsa, and fresh guacamole.  (serves 12-18 guests)  $26.5

*Grilled Pork “Wings”:  Quarter pound pork shanks that eat just like a traditional chicken wings.  Always a big hit!  Your choice of Chipotle Maple Barbecue / Traditional Barbecue / Honey Pineapple Teriyaki / Caribbean Jerk.  (12 sections / serves 12-18 guests)  $52.0


Family Style & Catering Options:

*All Beef, Pulled Pork, and Baby Back Ribs are sold by the pound.

(Half Trays Serve 10-12 Guests)  (Full Trays Serve 18-24 Guests)

Baby Back Rib sections (each section is roughly a half-slab and weighs about approx. 1 lb.)
$12.5 per lb.      $10.5 lb. when you order 5+ lbs.

Pulled Pork by the pound  (1 lb. serves 2-3 adults)
$13.5 per lb.    $12.0 lb. when you order 5+ lbs.

Beef Brisket by the pound  (1 lb. serves 2-3 adults)
$17.5 lb.          $16.0 lb. when you order 5+ lbs.

*Super Sweet Corn on the Cob:
 Sold by the dozen (price is seasonal)

*Cilantro Jasmine Rice:  $32.5 (half)  $68.5 (full)

Big Iron Barbecue Beans:
 $32.5 (half)  $68.5 (full)

Cole Slaw:
  $32.5 (half)  $68.5 (full)

*Mama Rosa’s Pasta Salad:  $28.5 (half)  $68.5 (full)  W/3 days notice

*Mac-n-Cheese:  $42.5 (half)  $80.5 (half)

Sweet Corn Bread Muffins:
 $15.5 (per dozen)

*Pretzel Bread Dinner Rolls:
 $8.5 (per dozen)

Fresh Corn Tortilla Chips:  $2.5 (per bag)

Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa:
 $4.5 (8) oz.         $7.5 (16) oz.     $14.5 (32) oz.

*Tomatillo Salsa:
 $4.5 (8) oz.         $7.5 (16) oz.     $14.5 (32) oz.

$5.75 (8) oz.       $10.75 (16) oz.     $20.75 (32) oz.

Cilantro-ginger-lime dressing:
 $6.75 (8 oz.)     $12.75 (16) oz.     $24.75 (32) oz.